Shohin the way in Denmark

It’s always good to see the magic of shohin spreading across the globe and we here at British Shohin Bonsai are delighted to see Morten’s new shohin association in Denmark taking off.   We wish him every success with the association – the more people who are spreading the shohin love the better in our book.   Here is how Morten announced the new venture.

morten 1

We are glad to announce that the national organization [url=]Shohin Bonsai Danmark[/url] is now established. We look forward to see you at our events and workshops, were everybody are welcome. The website is on air, with all content in Danish and English language.

The interest for Shohin bonsai in Denmark has grown considerably through the later years, and today more people have a special interest in this part of bonsai. We find the time right to help developing this further through workshops, exhibitions, online information i.e., and taking part in bonsai activities.

An international network also has pushed this from idea to realisation, and we now look forward to exchange knowledge and enjoying the beauty of Shohin in a friendly community.

First activities planned in spring, and next autumn our main event will take place. We look forward to a future gaining more interest in Shohin bonsai both nationally and internationally. We look forward to corporate with you, and share the beauty of the seasons with Shohin-bonsai.

A Danish and English language electronic newsletter will be send out regularly to members. Join us and be part of Shohin Bonsai Danmark through the website.

Morten Albek
Shohin Bonsai Danmark