5th BSA Exhibition – 2010

5th BSA Exhibition – Show Report

The 5th British Shohin Association’s Annual Exhibition was held during the weekend of Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th February 2010 at Willowbog Bonsai. Following the huge success of last year’s exhibition, there was again a fabulous atmosphere and the quality of trees on display did not disappoint.

Honoured guests Marco Invernizzi and Peter Warren selected the very best displays, and along with BSA Chairman John Armitage provided informative and interactive sessions throughout the weekend.

As with the previous 4 BSA exhibitions, the show was kindly staged by Willowbog Bonsai near Hexham who do a tremendous job in providing excellent facilities and a warm welcome at their bonsai centre. Set in one of the most picturesque parts of the Northumberland National Park in the North East of England, you simply could not ask for a more scenic or inspirational setting.

Despite a fluttering of snow following one of the coldest winters we have seen in many years – the many visitors to the show during the weekend were certainly not disappointed with what again proved to be probably the best display of shohin and chuhin bonsai in one place.

Over 60 quality shohin, chuhin and mame exhibits made this year’s show another success for the BSA. The quality level of the exhibited trees have improved year on year, with tables, accent plants and scrolls carefully selected to bring the out the beauty of the bonsai to an even greater appreciation. As last year, to allow the trees to be seen more prominently, the number of tokonamas and exhibition space was maximised, giving exhibitors plenty of space to display their trees and compositions.

A firm fixture for the BSA shows are the show critiques, led by Marco Invernizzi, president of the BSA – always a great learning experience. These were very popular and Marco entertained and informed in his usual enthusiastic manner. Marco explained every detail behind the compositions, what worked well, what could be improved as well as answering every question thrown at him.

In addition to the show critiques by Marco, were two hugely entertaining and informative talks by Peter Warren, who had just returned from an extended visit to Japan, working with his master, Kunio Kobayashi, preparing trees for the Kokufu exhibition.

John Armitage , BSA chairman, gave a very well received interactive hands-on presentation about grafting. John has learned many techniques from his studies at Taisho-en, one of Japan’s top Shohin nurseries owned by Nobuichi Urushibata.

This year’s show saw two new events – make your own shohin pot with David Jones of Walsall Ceramics plus an entertaining shohin styling competition, which was won by Scotland’s Fiona Wallace – well done Fiona!!

The Saturday evening event was well attended and again featured good food, good conversation and camaraderie – followed by the hugely entertaining auction by Marco of high quality bonsai pots, stands and scrolls kindly donated by members and friends of the BSA. Marco’s promotion and selling techniques were stretched to the limit in order to raise as much as possible for the BSA – all gratefully contributing to the production of the special book of the BSA exhibition.

In addition to the displays of shohin and chuhin compositions and individual tree exhibits, many of the best bonsai Potters from the UK and Europe exhibited ranges of their beautifully designed shohin and accent pots. The potters kindly donated their pots on display for a silent auction, which proved to very successful fund raising opportunity for the association – greatly appreciated by all.

5 beautifully crafted trophies would make the weekend even more special for a few lucky exhibitors – with many certificates of merits being awarded due to the high standards of the show.

Winners List from the 2010 Show

Best in Show Composition Duncan Hield
Certificates of Merit to:
John Armitage
Sue Summers
Les Storey
Best in Show Shohin Duncan Hield – Pseudocydonia sinensis
Certificate of Merit to:
Bob Bailey – Ulmus Parvifolia
Mike Rayson – Itoigawa Juniper
Fiona Wallace – Pinus Parviflora
Best in Show Chuhin  Ian Stewardson – Itoigawa Juniper
Certificates of Merit to:
Bill Gordon – Ulmus Parvifolia
John Brocklehurst – Chamaecyparis Obtusa
Russ Farley – Juniperus Rigida
Best in Show tree or trees of European origin Duncan Hield – Taxus
Certificate of Merit to:
Rachel Seville – Larix Kaempferi
John Armitage – Cotoneaster  Spp
Simon Jones – Buxus Sempervirens
Best in Show Mame Bob Bailey – composition
Certificate of Merit to:
Ian Warhurst – Potentilla
Stewart Crossley – Japanese Red Pine
Best Pot -Tree Combination
Kindly sponsored by Stone Monkey Ceramics :
Sue Summers – Satsuki Azalea – Walsall Ceramics Pot

Thanks for all the support!!
As with the previous shows, there were lots of favourable comments on the standard of the show throughout the weekend, and we would like to thank all the exhibitors, potters, traders, helpers and not forgetting the visitors for their support. The show is truly established as a National event with participants from across the UK coming together to make the BSA show weekend a truly unforgettable event!

Special thanks to Marco Invernizzi and Peter Warren, who gave their time to the show free of charge. Marco’s enthusiasm and passion for the art remains an inspiration to us all! Thanks also to John Armitage who has again worked tirelessly over the last year leading up to the show – a real advocate for Bonsai. Thanks also to David Jones and Ian Baillie – two great potters who traded at the show.

A special thank you is made to Peter and Jean Snart of Willowbog Bonsai, who again for the 5th year have worked tirelessly in supporting the BSA and allowed the exhibition to be staged – it is only with the support and commitment from the BSA members and Willowbog Bonsai can the BSA show be realised.

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