7th BSA Exhibition – 2014

The 7th British Shohin Association Show was held at Willowbog Bonsai near Hexham in Northern England on 8th & 9th March 2014. The Show attracted exhibitors from all over the United Kingdom, many travelling several hours to stage their exhibits and enjoy a weekend with like minded people. All our shows have been held at Willowbog Bonsai thanks to the hard work over the years by Peter and Jean Snart, who turned their bonsai nursery into an exhibition area where we staged up to 50 displays of Mame, Shohin and Chuhin.

The standard of exhibits this year was the highest we have yet achieved, proving that competitive displays over a number of years do raise the standard in the hobby. We are only a small association of some 45 members from around the United Kingdom and overseas.

Our objective is to raise awareness of small size bonsai trees within the UK over a number of years.

Displays started to be assembled on the Friday afternoon and judging commenced on Saturday morning. During the weekend, our guest for the event, Valentin Brose from Germany, carried out demonstrations  on Juniper itoigowa and a show critique. He was ably assisted by the BSA Chairman John Armitage and Vice Chair Peter Warren throughout the event with workshops and critiques

On the Saturday evening we held our general meeting of the Association, followed by our customary meal and light hearted auction of donated bonsai related items which raises the money to cover our costs of staging the event.

The awards in each category featured a certificate of merit for the runner-up and a certificate and trophy for the winner. The results were as follows:

Work in Progress

Winner  Simon Haddon – Buxus                                 Certificate of Merit Ray Coloumbe – Larch

Tree/pot Combination
Winner    Les Storey – Flowering Cherry                  Certificate of Merit John Brocklehurst – Oriental Bittersweet

Artistic Display
Winner    Bill Gordon – Hinoki Cypress                    Certificate of Merit  Graham Walker – Pinus sylvestris

Mame Display
Winner    Simon Haddon                                             Certificate of Merit Fiona Wallace

Chuhin Display
Winner     Ian Stewardson                                           Certificate of Merit Mark & Ritta Cooper
Certificate of Merit Tony Franklin

Small Shohin Display
Winner     John Brocklehurst & Peter Tombs         Certificate of Merit Andy Hardman

Large Shohin Display
Winner     John Armitage                                            Certificate of Merit Mark & Ritta Cooper

Individual Tree display
Winner    Mark & Ritta Cooper                                  Certificate of Merit John Pitt


The weekend was a great success, involving many people without whom the event would not take place, including catering, stewarding and those staging trees and displays.

Walsall Studio Ceramics and Ian Baillie were present selling bonsai and accent pots, adding another dimension to the event.

Finally we would like to say a special thank you to Peter and Jean Snart for all the preparation work they put in prior to the event and for being our hosts for the excellent weekend show

Photos from the event can be found on our Flickr site.

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