3rd BSA Exhibition – 2008

3rd BSA Exhibition – Show Report

The 3rd annual exhibition organised by the British Shohin Association took place over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of March 2008 and proved to be their biggest success to date.

As with the previous two exhibitions it was staged at Willowbog Bonsai near Hexham. Despite being slightly off the beaten track and the inclement weather, record visitors came through the doors. Visitors travelled from across the UK and even from France to what was surely the best display of Shohin and Chuhin bonsai in one place.

Each of the exhibitors had gone to great lengths to prepare their compositions, carefully selecting stands, accent plants, scrolls and of course, the trees. Marco along with many of the visitors commented that they had never before seen such a high quality exhibition of shohin bonsai in Europe.

In addition to the numerous shohin and chuhin compositions and the individual trees exhibits, six of the best bonsai Potters from the UK exhibited ranges of their shohin and accent pots. Some of the designs had never been seen before and along with their premier, the pots were also silent auction to raise money for the association. There was also a display of hanging scrolls painted by Alan Armitage and also donated to the association. These depicted not only the usual Japanese influenced designs but also scenes from the UK’s flora and fauna.

Marco Invernizzi, president of the BSA, conducted two critiques of the displays on the Saturday. These were very popular and Marco entertained and informed in his usual enthusiastic manner. Marco explained every detail behind the compositions, what worked well, what could be improved as well as answering concisely every question thrown at him. A great leaning experience for all.

Following Marco critiques was a detailed presentation by John Armitage on Japanese shohin from John’s experience working at Nobuichi Urushibata’s nursery in Shizuoka last year. John is also now the chairman of the BSA.

On the evening of the Saturday was held the gala dinner. No pomp or ceremony just good food, good conversation and camaraderie. 6 beautifully crafted trophies would make the weekend even more special for a few lucky exhibitors. Judging was done by Marco with many certificates of merits being awarded due to the high standards.

Winners List from the 2008 Show

Best in Show Shohin composition Roger Oldham
Certificates of Merit to:
John Armitage
Susan Summers
Fiona Wallace
Russ Farley
Best in Show Shohin Conifer Susan Summers – Juniperus Rigida
Certificate of Merit to:
Roger Oldham – Pinus Parviflora
Caroline Steward – Juniperus Chinensis
Russ Farley – Juniperus Chinensis
Best in Show Shohin Deciduous or Broadleaf Roger Oldham – Acer Buergerianum
Certificates of Merit to:
Craig Coussins – Acer Buergerianum
Russ Farley – Acer Buergerianum
Susan Summers – Ulmus Parvifolia
Best in Show Chuhin Conifer Lee Kennedy – Juniperus Chinensis Itoigawa
Certificates of Merit to:
John Armitage – Juniperus Chinensis Itoigawa
Rob Atkinson – Juniperus sp
John Armitage – Juniperus Chinensis Itoigawa
Best in Show Chuhin Deciduous or Broadleaf John Armitage – Ulmus Parvifolia
Certificate of Merit to:
Russ Farley – Ulmus Parvifolia
Best in Show tree or trees of European origin Russ Farley – Taxus Baccata
Certificate of Merit to:
Jim Mcurrach – Larix Decidua
Ian Warhurst – Ligustrum Ovalifolium

On the Sunday, Marco conducted a critique of shohin and chuhin sized trees brought by visitors. These ranged from material trees through to almost finished specimens. Again this was a most rewarding and informative session.

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