2nd BSA Exhibition – 2007

2nd BSA Exhibition – Show Report

The 2nd annual BSA show took place at Willowbog Bonsai over the weekend of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February 2007 – and was a fantastic success!

The show was a great success with many visitors over the weekend from all over the UK, and a high quality display of shohin compositions, individual shohin, mame and chuhin displays.

Show Report by Peter Snart of Willowbog Bonsai:
My take on this year’s show is coloured by two separate experiences, first the build up to the show and second the weekend of the show itself. Following our assessment of the first BSA show last year ,which on all counts was a great success, Jean and I decided that we needed more space, not just for the show itself but also for the ancillary activities that happen at the same time. We had a building similar in size to the original studio that was not being well utilised and we decided to alter it to be a permanently benched out show area. Rather more easily said than carried out ! We began several weeks before the show date and made good progress but as is usually the case the finishing off of all the small details took a lot of time and we only just completed the work in time.

Most of the Willowbog regulars helped at various times in different ways, it can be onerous to single out any individual but in this case the work that Dave Hannah put in turned out to be vital and we thank him and all the others. So with the work carried out and the result at least as good if not better than we anticipated the weekend of the show arrived with Jean and I fairly tired!

In an effort to coordinate the many jobs that need to be done over the course of the show I had appointed myself ‘show director’ and as part of this I had been determined that I would have a very good idea of the exhibition bonsai that would be arriving to grace the new benches, some hope !! many vague offers and commitments to bring trees together with a few ‘ properly ‘ submitted entries meant that I was viewing the Friday before the show with some trepidation and crossed fingers. But I need not have worried ! When the last few entries arrived early on the Saturday morning the available bench space was more or less perfectly filled and what is more with some outstanding single trees and compositions.

The show proper began with the judging by the President of the BSA, Marco Invernizzi, between 10.00am and 11.00am at which time the show opened to the public. There were lots of favourable comments on the standard of the show, particularly in relation to the first show and I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their support. The show is truly a National event with participants from as far away as Norfolk and the Wirral to the South and from Perth, North of the Border.

During the course of Saturday, Marco took groups of enthusiasts round the show and treated them to a critique of the exhibits, his own idea and one that was well received . Late afternoon we held the first AGM. of the association and a useful exchange of views ensued. The evening meal followed ,at the end of which we announced the winners and handed out the magnificent awards, produced very generously by Stewart Griffin of Griffin moulds, the work of modelling the logo having been brilliantly done by Mark Jones of Walsall Ceramics. A word of thanks here to David Jones of Walsall Ceramics for attending again and contributing to the show by selling pots and carrying out by way of a demo at the same time. Saturday concluded with a disco which was unfortunately enjoyed by pretty much just Jean and myself and our niece and her husband who actually did the disco !! Probably not something to repeat next year.

On the Sunday Marco taught a shohin related workshop throughout the day. The whole weekend was blessed with outstanding weather for the time of year which enabled people to enjoy the nursery as well as the show. At the end of a show folk are always keen to head off home, particularly as most had some considerable drive in front of them so we concluded at 3.30pm. Giving people a good start before dark.

Jean and I could breathe a sigh of relief, the show had been an undoubted success with just a little disappointment about the overall numbers of visitors. Credit though to the many members who assisted over the weekend and indeed family of members Tasha!! Also thanks to Marco who gives his time to the show free of charge, his enthusiasm and passion for the art remains an inspiration to us all !

We couldn’t quite relax yet though! There was still the matter of the 2 days of Marco’s school to see to on the Monday and Tuesday!

Winners List from the 2007 Show

Best in Show Shohin composition: STUART NORRIS
Certificate of Merit to:
Susan Summers
Duncan Hield
Simon Jones
Best in Show Shohin Conifer ROGER OLDHAM
Certificate of Merit to:
Susan Summers
Trevor Lawson
Caroline Scott
Best in Show Shohin Deciduous or Broadleaf STEWART NORRIS
Certificate of Merit to:
Susan Summers
Duncan Hield
Best in Show Chuhin Conifer RACHEL SEVILLE
Certificate of Merit to:  Ian Warhurst
Best in Show Chuhin Deciduous or Broadleaf CAROLINE SCOTT
Certificate of Merit to:  Simon Jones
Best in Show tree or trees of European origin Composition by IAN WARHURST & TONY FRANKLIN
Certificate of Merit to: Caroline Scott

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