Who are British Shohin Bonsai?

Welcome to British Shohin Bonsai’s website.  Some people have already asked why we have used the words “Who are” rather than “What is” in our page title.  Hopefully this will explain our thinking:

We arose from the British Shohin Assocation which was the first and only Shohin and small sized bonsai society in the UK. Sadly, as with many clubs and societies, the BSA was finding it difficult to get people to take on the administrative functions necessary to run an organisation.

But rather than let that flagship association dwindle,  a group of members took it upon themselves to progress the group in a manner that involved an entirely new way of doing things.  This website, along with our accompanying Facebook group, is our way of keeping the aims of the former BSA alive.

The name change is simply because we felt that a slight change of  “branding” was needed. This is mostly to give due respect to the sterling work done by the officers of the previous incarnation.

Hopefully we will not offend the legion of stalwarts who gave the BSA its success, but we feel it would be right to highlight several of the members, most notably Caroline Steward who started the organisation and John Armitage whose chairmanship in the last two or three years put the BSA and shohin in general on the bonsai map in the UK.  He, along with Peter Warren of Saruyama Bonsai, have significantly boosted the enthusiasm and skills of up and coming shohin enthusiasts. Major thanks need also be given to the honorary chairman, Marco Invernizzi who gave of his time and expertise over the seven years, free of charge.

And last but by no means least, a HUGE debt is owed to Peter and Jean Snart at Willowbog Bonsai for hosting the annual exhibition in a contribution that has gone way beyond the provision of bench space. For those who have contributed as exhibitors, show stewards and car park attendants, newsletter contributors and general good egg supporters – we thank you all. We hope BSB will carry on the tradition of superior exhibitions and contributions to UK bonsai.

To answer the question “Who are British Shohin Bonsai?”  we  would say simply this:  we ALL are. Every person who helps keep shohin up there where it belongs by creating smaller sizes of bonsai; every person who comes to our exhibitions, whether as exhibitor or visitor; every person who contributes on our facebook group page ; every person who does even so much as peel a spud for our show gala dinner.   YOU are what will make British Shohin Bonsai.

We look forward to seeing you somewhere along our journey.