Continuing the autumn theme

I posted yesterday about how the weather even up here in Scotland was, shall we say, “confused” at the moment.  I popped outside this afternoon (in tee shirt, shorts and sunglasses it must be noted) to see how my shohin and Kifu Potentillas were getting on against the march of Autumn. (Yes, I know mentioning march and autumn in one sentence is confusing but try to keep up. 😉 )  In their case, “confused” is most certainly right.

First below is my kifu Potentilla in its Peter Krebs pot. As you can see, it is more certainly autumnal. The same goes for my favourite one which has been in the BSA Exhibition a couple of times as part of a five tree display.  It is the next one down – pot by Ian Baillie.


So, both doing exactly as I’d have expected at this time of year. But when it comes to the ones I have in development, well the story is rather different:


This one is even still putting out flower – two open flowers and three more buds ready to open.


I wondered if it was to do with the fact that these two are in oversized development pots, but still fairly green of leaf is this one:


They all sit in the same area on the bench so there is no micro-climate difference. And they have all received pretty much the same amount of fertiliser over the summer so I cant put the leaf drop difference down to that either.

It just goes to show how hard it is to do any sort of comparison between  trees as they don’t always behave uniformly.

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