Autumn colour

While bonsai is a passion that grips us all year round, I think that many of us have a special love of this season – especially those of us who have deciduous bonsai. The azaleas can do their big girls blouse stuff in the early summer to their hearts’ content and I will oooh and ahhh accordingly.  But a stunning display of autumn colour is, in my opinion, something unsurpassable.

As we speak my Ginkgo is turning to its autumnal hues from its summer garb. And with the bit of sunshine we are currently having here in mid-October (please do not raise your eyebrow so quizzically: we DO get sun in Scotland. Just not often in the summer)  is giving it a delicious golden syrup tinge.

And because of the long summer (yes, WITH sunshine and Mediterranean temperatures) many of my trees are hanging on to their leaves to eke out as much of the Indian summer as possible. As a result, none of my bonsai maples have dropped leaves and my shohin one is only today showing any inclination to change colour.  My chuhin one has even thrown out some young growth in the past few weeks.

All this is giving me a slight problem in that it is usually about now that I start moving trees into their winter storage. Last winter I splashed out on an indoor set-up for the shohin trees and felt that they benefited enormously from the extra “daylight” that they got in my garage.  But I am a bit reluctant to pop them into the garage at the moment as it is still sunny and reasonably mild at the moment.

Ah well. This may of course all change come next weekend when the clocks go back.  We will wait and see.

Maple as it was this time last year.

Maple as it was this time last year.

By fionnghal

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